Log Cabin Bedroom submitted by http://xfriv0lous.tumblr.com 

Log Cabin Bedroom submitted by http://xfriv0lous.tumblr.com 

Sunday Sep 28 @ 07:17pm

gretaarosiee said: Hi, I love ur blog but I can't seem to find any other good bedroom blogs, any suggestions?

I honestly do not keep track of other bedroom blogs, I’m sorry. I’m sure, though, if you either google bedroom blogs or look in different types of bedroom tags (like decorations, bedding, etc.), you’ll find some!

Monday Aug 25 @ 07:38pm
Submitted by http://amongmany.com
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Submitted by http://amongmany.com

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Friday Jul 25 @ 08:00pm

tatertot1019 said: You know those fairy lights? Or indoor lights do you know a place where I could but those

Fairy lights are really just Christmas tree lights or Christmas decoration lights. So whenever Christmas time rolls around, you can practically get them anywhere. They also sell string lights at Big Lots all the time.

Friday Jul 25 @ 07:58pm
submitted by reluhvant-x

submitted by reluhvant-x

Friday Jul 25 @ 07:57pm

Anonymous said: Hello, i truly love your blog, do you have any ideas of places where i can buy some bohemian or indie decoration of you see what i mean, websites or places in paris would be great !!! Love your blog, continue as that !!

I guess it really depends on what you consider bohemian or indie because to me, these are two very different genres, but I found these sites:

  • trippystore has some cool tapestries, incense, posters, candles, and other decorative pieces.
  • modcloth does have a variety of bohemian or indie decorative pieces but the majority of them would be considered more modern.
  • etsy basically has anything you could possibly want, you just have to look for it.
  • the pyramid collection not only includes women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear but also decorative pieces. You can order a magazine for free. Mind you, this does contain NSFW material.
  • threadsence has some pretty cool items as well.

I also feel that I should say that DIY projects are the best for achieving a more bohemian look. Like you can find old picture frames at your local thrift shop, buy some bright and vibrant colored paints like yellow, hot pink, or aqua, and paint the picture frames. Or creating your own tufted head board with a piece of wood cut to fit your bed, some material, and foam. Here’s an easy tutorial for that.

As for places in Paris, I found this to be a bit difficult since I am an American and have not left the states in my life, so knowing which stores would fall under the categories you are requesting is a bit foreign.

  • Fargo (address 42 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris, France) is a music shop, so there aren’t too many decorations outside of posters.
  • Chine Machine (address 100 rue des Martyrs, 18e, Paris) is quite interesting from what I have read.
  • Les Années Scooter (address 23 rue Faidherbe, 11e, Paris) is a second hand shop.
  • Sissi’s Corner (address 20 rue des Tournelles, 4e, Paris)  is also a second hand shop.
  • Vintage 77 (address 77 rue de Ménilmontant, 20e, Paris) looks very interesting.

You can find more information about shopping in Paris at this website.

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